VTNTAG AMERICAN Karastan rug rr 3656 Aprox 8 feet 10 inches by 12 feet.

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This is a vintage American KARASTAN rug from the 1990s in very good condition in open field Persian  Kerman design.

This rug is made by Karastan company few years before they closed their doors and went out of business.

We add a KARASTAN NEW FRINGE by HAND to the two hands of the rug.

The field color is natural ivory wool. Karastan rugs company is not in business anymore, they sold the NAME Karastan to Mohack corp and they making all kind of rugs under the Karastan name.

This rug is a real karastan rug and in great condition, we think you can use it as is in your room but you can decide if to have it shampoo. We know rugs and sell rugs since 1971, we have a shop open to the public in central PA for the last 31 years on the SAME location, no moving around location with GOING OUT OF BUSINESS games.

We offer good rugs and tell you the correct condition and NOT like most sellers who have NO any idea about rugs and mostly they do not know more then you know about Karastan rugs..

If you purchase a real Karastan rug you need to make sure there is NO any cut to the rug since Karastan rug is NOT knotted rug like  hand made rugs, with no knots which holding the rug together, a small cut on any Karastan rug, as you walk on the rug you will have longer and longer cut rug and with use in one point you will have 2 pcs of rug. Also we do NOT offer rugs with rot area rugs, we see few on line.

If the rug is with a rut area, the back looks darker…. Also we do NOT deal with CHEMICALLY WASHED RUGS. Some dealer wash their rug with lead to make it as ANTIQUE to fool the buyer, have you a rug with bad lead in it (you can smell it like a gas you use in your car. We are the first Lister of a rug on ebay when they started in late 1990s.

In the last year we sold all our Karastan rugs in the shop but we are back, we offer good rugs in fair prices and quality rugs, no flea market quality.

Size: aprox 9 feet by 12 feet

Soon we will list many Karastan rugs on ebay.


NOTE: We sell original rugs from estates in central Pennsylvania.

Rug dealers in large cities buy rugs from us and then resell our rugs at much higher prices.

You can get the same rug for less by buying directly from us. Moreover, you need to be careful when buying rugs online. Other large rug dealers lie about their rugs by pretending that their rugs are antique even though their rugs are new.

These dealers chemically wash their new rugs with lead which makes the rugs look older.

These rugs are not as valuable as real antique rugs. Worse, the lead used in the wash is unhealthy to breathe, especially for small children. We are happy to help you look for rugs from any dealer. Feel free to ask us for help even if you end up buying a rug from someone else. We have over 5,000 pieces of Stickley furniture and antique rugs and we can list anything you may be interested in if you contact us and let us know. The Stickley furniture that we sell is top quality American made furniture that is an investment and is highly collectible antique furniture. We do not deal with flea market quality items.

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