VINTAGE KARASTAN Rug rr3254 Med Kerman Design

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This is a good quality Karastan rug from the 1990s in excellent condition with NO WEAR OR SMELL but with food stain (drink) and if not for the stain we call it if was made yesterday.

The rug is in Persian Kerman med design with great medallion and made out of 100% wool and not mix with man-made material. It is top 700 quality and not Lamanar as Karastan company called it.

We know rug and we dealing with rugs since 1971, most other sellers do not know more than you know and tell you the story about the Karastan company,,,,The field color is cream ivory with brown, lit blue, red and green.

The original Karastan cleaning tag is present and pictured. We shampoo all of our rugs and we do it the same way for the cheap ones as we do the expensive ones. We do not include these cost in the price, but sometimes the buyer thinks the rugs are not clean. Most dealers that sell rugs will tell you to have it cleaned when you receive it, but we clean our rugs before they are shipped. If you think that the rug smells or needs to be cleaned when you receive it you will need to send it to a rug cleaner in your area.


103 inches  by  144 inches


We know how to clean the stain but we need heat and the sun and we do not have weather in central PA.
We taking pictures outside and you may not see these stain in your room with furniture and…
This rug as all Karastan we offering on eBay is with NO cuts, you do not want to buy Karastan with cuts because it is NOT knotted rug and made by machine.
A small cut will be in short time long cut….. do not listen to people tell you to go and fix it, it’s very easy…..

we also will list another 4×6 rug from the same home.
For your info, these REAL Karastan rugs are quality and not like the rugs the new company who bought the Karastan name a 9×12 old real Karastan can be 70 LB
where the new rug the making these days are around 50 lb.