Superb Rare Set Of Six Antique Limbert Cafe Chairs w2623


This is a great set of six C. LIMBERT chairs in excellent condition
Mission Arts&Crafts era from the early 1900s.. The chair were made
out great selection of oak with great original finish and color with
no repairs or replace part with great cutout to the top with brand
mark and also numbered as model #10.
These six chair are from ONE set, they are very heavy and bulky
STURDY and STRONG and we do not know if they pictured on C LIMBERT
catalog( Lately we find many Limbert furniture and other items not
seen on any reprint catalog( after all we do not think all his maker
are on the reprints books).
C. LIMBERT designed three Cafe chairs after he was back from his
tour to Europe, the one you can see here and there is model #500 cafe
arm chair which is with the same cut out on the top as the chairs we
offering here but with two large square cut out to each sides. This
is a great chair but was not comfy as these chair we offering here.
Also it was not bulky where this set we selling are EXTRA comfy and
bulky and WELL done.

Charles Limbert has been criticized by few for designing (copy)
furniture that were successful and made by other artist but Limbert
is also seen as helping to popularize European designs in America.

C. Limbert was born in a town not far from our shop, he was the only artist furniture maker when he died he had $0.5 MIL or $5 MIL

and he gave it?to his sister which was the only family he had left.

H- 30 inch
W- 27.25
D- 18.5 inch

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