Superb & Rare 1880’s Beseraben Kilim Rug rr3433

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This is a Superb & Rare 1880’s Beseraben Kilim Rug from the 1880’s.

This rug is NOT in good condition and you can see wear throughout the rug.

The black background color is weaker than the rest of the colors on the rug.

This rug has several spots of heavy wear and even one spot where someone did a poor repair job. (See Pictures)

It looks like there are some missing rows on the two ends as well.

This rug is marked 1880 and is an extremely decorated rug.

This is a highly collectible rug and would be worthwhile to have it sent to a professional to reweave it.

If you have a hardwood floor you will need a rubber pad and we will give you this for free.

This is a real rubber pad not some cheap one from China and it will have a smell to it until it is aired out for a few days. We shampoo all of our rugs and we do it the same way for the cheap ones as we do the expensive ones.

We do not include these cost in the price, but sometimes the buyer thinks the rugs are not clean.

Most dealers that sell rugs will tell you to have it cleaned when you receive it, but we clean our rugs before they are shipped. If you think that the rug smells or needs to be cleaned when you receive it you will need to send it to a rug cleaner in your area.

Background Color:
Black Other Colors: Light Blue, Ivory, Red, Green, Mustard, Orange, Violet, and Light Green


Size: (Approximately)
153 inches  by  61 inches