Superb Gustav Stickley V Back Arm Chair. W4865


This is a Superb Gustav Stickley V Back Arm Chair from 1904.  This is a great looking chair with a dark brownish/ reddish finish.  You can see from the construction and selection of oak that this is an early model.  The front of the seat is different on the early models and it looks like the seat on this chair.  The chair has had color added to the original finish sometime in the past.  The chair is with great paddle arms and each arm has a through tenon and pinned construction.  This chair is much bulkier than the later models and it truly is a great chair.

The seat has been recovered with a top quality black hand-rubbed leather filled with cotton and hair over a cotton webbing.  There are no repaired or replaced parts and this chair is sturdy and strong.

Height 17.5 inches (height to the seat cushion)
Height 36 inches
Width 26 inches
Depth 20.5 inches

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