Superb Antique L&jG Stickley Bed w4403

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This is a Superb Antique L&jG Stickley Bed from the early 1900’s.

This is a great looking bed that is in good condition.

The bed headboard and foot board have a nice form with tapered legs.

The bed is made from an excellent selection of oak and it is with an excellent original finish.

The bed is marked with an early red decal as you can see in the pictures.

The two rails are not original to the bed and look to bed fairly new. They do look nice with the headboard and foot board and since they are new they make the bed very sturdy and strong.
PLEASE NOTE: We deal with real period arts and crafts furniture made by GUS STICKLEY, L&jG Stickley, C stickley, Stickley Bros, Limbert and others, ALL from the early 1900s We do not offer REPRODUCTION furniture and call it “Stickley” 95% or more Mission furniture all around are Repro called “Stickley Audi” the maker of these furniture purchased the name Stickley but have nothing to do with Stickley, may looks like GUS STICKLEY furniture but they are not with thru tenon construction made with fake decoration to fool the buyer.

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Size: (Approximately)
Height- 42.25 inches
Width- 43.5 inches (Width of headboard and foot board)
Width- 40 inches (Width of the inside of the rails)
Length- 79.25 inches (Total Length of the bed)
Length- 76.5 inches (Length of the inside)