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This is a great and rare quality Persian Sarough Mahajeran oriental rug circa 1890s-1900

in excellent condition with no wear or missing rows, the rug is complete.

The weave in this rug is extremely fine as you can see the back image, its similar to a weave of three by five Sarough Mahajeran weave.

The wool pile is even, colors great and so the pleasant design. It is similar to a weave of 3 by 5 feet rug.

Most Mahajeran background color is red in color or rust to be correct where this rug the background is cream ivory.

You see many around of this rug but not many in this condition.

The rug is complete and is ready to use in your room.

Colors: cream-ivory-tan field with blue, red…..

10 feet 9 inches  by 16 feet 6 inches
3.28 Meter by 5.03 Meter

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