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This is a Great Antique Persian Sarough Oriental Rug from the 1930’s.

This is a great looking hand-knotted Persian rug that is in pristine condition.

The rug is complete with no wear and the one end has the original flat weave kilim and the other end is complete with nothing missing from it.

The rug has a nice all over design. The one light spot on the right side of the rug is not a stain, but just the pile laying in a different direction.

This happens from something heavy being sat on it and it will come out once the rug is shampooed.

The foundation of this rug is very soft and this makes it nice you use in your home and is also what you want in an antique oriental rug. This rug is cleaned and ready to use in your home.

We shampoo all of our rugs and we do it the same way for the cheap ones as we do the expensive ones. We do not include these cost in the price, but sometimes the buyer thinks the rugs are not clean. Most dealers that sell rugs will tell you to have it cleaned when you receive it, but we clean our rugs before they are shipped. If you think that the rug smells or needs to be cleaned when you receive it you will need to send it to a rug cleaner in your area.

Background Colors:
Rust Border Color: Navy Other Colors: Blue, Teal, Aqua, Brown, Ivory, Mustard, Green, and Light Green


190 inches by 107.5 inches