GREAT vintage American Karastan rug rr1 8’6″ by 10’6″ Panel design rr3506

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  This is a vintage Karastan Rug from around 1970s in very good condition, 100% wool pile no wear or missing with new Karastan fringe we add by hand (with do not use a surging machine as the rest use). This rug the pile looks like Made YESTERDAY with great quality cork wool and great dyes. The original Karastan tag is on the back. The two side are in good condition with no wear. We list many rugs on Ebay and will list many more till the end of the year when we will go out of business. We know rugs and tell you the info. you need to know before you bid, we do not buy or sell rugs with rot (you can see a rug with a rot, the back looks darker). Most sellers of rugs do not know more than you know. Colors:  Rust, light blue and pink. Size: (Approximately) 8 feet 6 inches  by  10 feet and 6 inches (add 4 inch fringe on each ends). ***Add 5 inches to each end for the fringe. SHIPPING: $40- $69 *This is the shipping price is for the lower 48 states only! Everywhere else we will discuss the shipping cost when you purchase this item. You will receive a tracking number from us and then receive your items in a few days to a week depending on where you live. IF YOU NEED MORE INFO PLEASE CALL Joe at 570 743 1335.

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