Gustav Stickley Chest of Drawers W4473

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This is an Antique “Gustav Stickley” Chester Drawers Dresser from the early 1900’s.

We can tell by the decals that this dresser is from 1905-1909.

The dresser is pinned on the front, bottom, top, middle, and the sides.

This dresser is in excellent condition and has a great original finish.

This dresser is marked with a red decal in the drawer and a 2nd-period paper label on the back. (See Pictures)

This is a sturdy and strong dresser and has a great color that would look great in any bedroom.

It has the original wooden knobs as you can see in the pictures.

The top has a small gallery and all of the drawers slide in and out very easily.
This is the nicest original good colors you can get.

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Size: (Approximately)
Height- 42.5 inches (This includes 2 inches for the gallery on top.)
Width- 37.25 inches
Depth- 19.5 inches
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