Antique Early & Rare Gustav Stickley Magazine/ Book Stand w3932


This is an Antique Early & Rare Gustav Stickley Magazine/ Book Stand form the early 1900’s. This is part of the collection of Gustav Stickley’s earliest arts and crafts furniture. In 1900 he had crafted new furniture and took it to an exposition in Buffalo, NY which is where he met the Tobey company from Chicago, IL. The business between Gustav Stickley and Tobey only lasted a few months because Gustav wasn’t getting the credit for his work. After these few months with Tobey Gustav Stickley began selling his furniture under his own name. His Tobey pieces are very rare to find and with that being said it is even rarer to find a paper label. This is the only piece we have ever found with an original Gustav Stickley Tobey paper label. The stand is with a great exotic fume black color and the finish has some minor wear. The selection of oak in this stand is excellent as the selection was for all of Gustav Stickley’s pieces at that time. There are no repaired or replaced parts and the stand is all original. In his early set of furniture, there is this stand and a poppy small table that have the same carving as the one on this stand.

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Size: (Approximately)
Height- 43 inches
Width- 14 inches
Depth- 10 inches (Top)
Depth- 13.25 inches (Bottom)
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