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Persian Mahal RR671

This is an antique persian mahal oriental rug from the 1930s in good condition.

The rug has 100% wool, hand knotted pile that is mostly even-low with some lower areas pointed out in the pictures.

The sides are complete and one end is missing a few minor rows.

The rug has an excellent design and color scheme and is well made.

Red background with navy border and light blue, ivory, gold, teal.

9′ 3″ x 12′ 5″

Please Note:

We offer investment quality furniture ready to enjoy in your home.‎
We do not sell furniture with all the problems typical with "As Is" auctions and estate purchases such ‎as:‎

  • Veneer issues (veneer lifting, missing, or veneer repairs)‎
  • Structural problems
  • Missing or replaced parts
  • Amateur glue and finish work.

We utilize a restoration technician who employs traditional methods and materials.‎
Furniture NOT properly restored does not protect your investment when you decide to sell it in the ‎future.‎
We guarantee every piece we sell 100%, all work is done properly to insure you will enjoy your ‎purchase for many years to come.‎

We do not sell furniture in estate condition.

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